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Welcome to ADAR, your premier destination for cutting-edge court reporting and real-time transcription services. Our expert team and state-of-the-art technology ensure accurate and timely documentation for legal proceedings, corporate meetings, and more. Experience the future of reporting with ADAR.

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Our Practices

We proudly provide our services nationwide, serving clients in Maryland and across all 50 states in the USA.

Deposition Services

We specialize in capturing detailed, accurate testimonies. Gain peace of mind with precise records that uphold the integrity of legal proceedings. ADAR is enhancing the clarity and fairness of justice. We are your essential partner in litigation.

Transcript Preparation

Court Transcript Services: Get a meticulously prepared written record post-proceeding. Essential for appeals, judicial decision-making, and attorney trial prep. Ensure accuracy and clarity in your legal journey.

Virtual Conferencing

With advancements in technology, ADAR also facilitates video conferencing for remote depositions or testimonies, ensuring that the process runs smoothly and the transcription is accurate.

Real-Time Transcription

ADAR provides real-time transcription services. We use specialized stenotype machines to transcribe the proceedings as they happen, allowing attorneys and judges to read along in real time.

About Us

Elevating Legal Documentation for Attorneys and Court Houses!

ADAR is your dedicated partner in the legal journey. With a keen understanding of the demands attorneys and court houses face, we provide unmatched court reporting and transcription solutions. Our advanced technology and skilled professionals ensure accurate and efficient documentation. Whether it’s real-time reporting for engaged depositions or seamless integration into your workflow, ADAR is here to elevate your legal documentation experience. Join us in setting new standards of excellence in the legal realm.

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For attorneys, court houses, insurance companies, and corporate departments seeking top-notch court reporting, real-time transcription, and seamless documentation solutions, ADAR is your trusted partner. Experience precision, efficiency, and excellence like never before. Contact us now to transform your legal proceedings.

Customer Testimonials

Solomon R.

ADAR’s court reporting services are truly exceptional. Their unwavering commitment to accuracy and attention to even the smallest details has helped us at the Radner Law Group.

Justin S.

ADAR’s quick turnaround time and top-notch transcriptions have been instrumental in helping the Law Office of Justin Schnitzer stay ahead in demanding litigation cases.

Jacob M.​

ADAR’s proficiency is second to none. Their use of real-time transcription tools has revolutionized the way we handle live proceedings.

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