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Welcome to ADAR Court Reporting Solutions – where tradition meets innovation in the pursuit of setting new benchmarks in legal documentation.

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At ADAR, we recognize the ever-increasing demands and challenges that attorneys and court houses encounter daily. In this fast-paced environment, the need for accurate, reliable, and timely documentation cannot be overstated. As your dedicated partner in the legal journey, we are here to transcend the ordinary and offer solutions that are both state-of-the-art and grounded in professionalism.

Our Journey

Incepted with a vision to redefine the standards of court reporting and transcription services, ADAR has emerged as a beacon of excellence in the legal realm. Our trajectory is characterized by an unwavering commitment to providing unmatched court reporting and transcription solutions that facilitate smooth legal proceedings and empower professionals in their quest for justice.

Our Expertise

With a rich repository of knowledge and expertise, our team of seasoned professionals is equipped to navigate the nuances of the legal world with precision and agility. Our skilled court reporters, equipped with advanced technology, excel in capturing detailed and accurate records, thus ensuring the integrity of legal documentation.

Our Commitment

At the core of ADAR’s operations is a steadfast commitment to elevating your legal documentation experience. Whether it’s integrating seamlessly into your workflow or offering real-time reporting facilities, we strive to be the ally that supports and enhances your legal endeavors.


We invite you to join us in forging a future where legal documentation meets unprecedented standards of excellence and innovation. With ADAR as your partner, embark on a journey towards a more efficient, transparent, and just legal landscape.

Customer Testimonials

Solomon R.

ADAR’s court reporting services are truly exceptional. Their unwavering commitment to accuracy and attention to even the smallest details has helped us at the Radner Law Group.

Justin S.

ADAR’s quick turnaround time and top-notch transcriptions have been instrumental in helping the Law Office of Justin Schnitzer stay ahead in demanding litigation cases.

Jacob M.​

ADAR’s proficiency is second to none. Their use of real-time transcription tools has revolutionized the way we handle live proceedings.

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